Which Pack Should You Choose? - BestOfCV
Which Pack Should You Choose? - BestOfCV

Which Pack Should You Choose?

BestofCV consultancy services consist of 4 main packages as "Starter's Pack", "Professional Pack", "Premium Pack" and "European Pack" and 4 additional packages that can be added to them.

If your foreign language is at a good level, your profession is suitable for finding a job abroad and your route is Europe; "Premium Pack" or "European Pack" will be the most suitable packages for you, depending on your request.

If you are looking for a job in your country or looking for work abroad but Recruitment Agencies do not appeal to you because of the special nature of your profession, it would be best for you to choose "Professional Pack".

If you have just started your career and want to apply for a job in your country; In this case, we recommend you "Starter's Pack".

We have shared our thoughts on which package you should buy with you above, but in the last case, of course you will be the one to choose the package you will buy. The only thing we do not recommend is buying "Premium Pack" or "European Pack" when your foreign language is not at a good level. Because it will be almost useless. At least you should be able to attend interviews.

Finally, if you are not sure whether your profession appeals to Recruitment Agencies and therefore you could not decided which package to choose, you can contact us via email before purchasing.

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