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Frequently Asked Questions

No, although we know how to prepare your CV for America, our specialty is to prepare CV for Europe. We recommend that you work with professionals who provide CV editing services for America.

First of all, we do not send you to a country. If we perceive the question as asking which countries we are preparing CV for, we prepare a CV that is valid for all of Europe. If you tell us the country you are targeting, we prepare your CV and all other documents accordingly by processing minor changes that apply to this country.

In fact, we will approach this issue more through world politics. Among the top 4 importing countries in the world are two European countries: Germany and the Netherlands. These two countries constantly need to recruit workers from outside in order to maintain their economic prosperity. Therefore, in these two countries visa procedures are easier for outsiders and immigrants are more accepted. However, this situation is the same in all European countries and there is a demand. These countries we are talking about are only those that facilitate the visa process.

No, we do not have any visa related service. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a visa service in terms of going through business, except for travel purposes and similar situations. Because it is the company you find the job that allows you to get the visa while going with business, not the intermediary institutions. For this reason, please do not rely on those who say they can help you with a visa.

No. We do not find a job, therefore we do not guarantee a job. Frankly, we do not have any declaration anywhere that we find the job. The service we provide is to ensure that people who are available to apply for a job abroad do this correctly with professional support. As a result, we cannot offer you a guarantee that you will get a job. We want to go even further and advise you, 99% of the time do not trust those who say they will find you a job. Because although we work one-to-one with European recruitment agencies, we cannot give you this assurance and they cannot give the same guarantee. Recruitment agencies are the organizations that most want to place you in a job. Because when they put you in a company, they get a fee from that company. But even they cannot give you this guarantee.

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