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CV Writing and Editing

Are you considering making job applications abroad or are you currently applying for jobs and cannot get an interview or job offer? The subject is closely related to your CV! Because the CV system in Europe is different than you think.

Why is it necessary to prepare a special CV for Europe? Because, just as everything in Europe has a standard, CV has a standard too. If you do not follow these standards, your CV may even be eliminated for lack of form. When European HR staff evaluate your CV; they want it to be a CV that meets those criterias. Moreover, it should be simple, easily readable, and on the other hand, it should reflect your quality completely.

So what exactly can BestofCV add to my CV? BestofCV gives your CV an image that meets the standards required by European companies. It ensures that the definitions in your profile are converted and edited in accordance with Europe, taking into account the CV system differences and position definitions in Europe. In addition, keyword and ATS optimization is carried out to attract attention with your experience, along with special content editing. All of these should be considered as a prerequisite for you to attract the attention of the HR group you are applying or will apply to.

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