Adding Your CV to Recruitment Agencies - BestofCV
Adding Your CV to Recruitment Agencies - BestofCV

Adding Your CV to Recruitment Agencies

There is a concept called "Secondment" in Europe. Due to this concept, if a company wants to employ an expat employee from foreign countries; they work with intermediary companies that can easily obtain the visa and can sponsor you. In this case, intermediary companies (so called recruitment agencies) sign the contract with you and assign you to work with their clients. Thus, the company does not deal with visa procedures for you and problems with your settlement in the new country, and they can easily incorporate you.

Since these Recruitment Agencies are already making money on you, when your CV arrives in their hands, they want to find you a job and place you in a job from their client companies. Because when they find a job, they get a payment from their client, either on a one-off or monthly basis. They will be profitable for you in any case.

Employers want to work with Recruitment Agencies due to the reasons we explained in the first paragraph. Recruitment Agencies also want to work with CV editing companies that do business in Europe like us. The reason for this is the guarantee that CVs and profiles can be easily provided in accordance with European standards. Documents issued by BestinofCV fully comply with these standards.

If your CV is available at the CV pool of these Recruitment Agencies and they think you are a suitable candidate for a job posting, they will share it with their clients. This highly increases your chances of getting an interview and job.

As BestofCV, we have an agreement with Recruitment Agencies from many European countries, especially Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Belgium. We are still increasing our portfolio every single day and this gives us the chance to share your CV with a reference and support you in finding your dream job.

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